20 years in e-learning

In June of this year it was twenty years since I set up my first web server for delivering e-learning courses. I’m using this anniversary to reflect on my experiences Read More

We need more investment in mainstreaming innovations, not generating new ones

There’s an article on EdSurge today (Here’s a $5M Seed Fund to Support Higher-Ed Innovations Besides MOOCs) that talks about a new fund to promote innovation in highered. I know $5M Read More

MOOCs – Magnificent, Monsters or Malediction

Thanks to Kate Bowles (@KateMfD) for sending me a link to an open Coursesites web site (free registration) that has been created for the MOOC discussion at the forthcoming Universities Read More

Higher education technology predictions for 2014

TL;DR In summary, we’ll have another contentious year. We’ll see big growth in higher education services from outside of the university sector, a continued gnashing of teeth from established providers. Read More

On interactions and scalability in online learning

I’m not attending ASCILITE 2013 but I am following the Twitter stream closely and occasionally comment into the stream. This can be dangerous because sometimes the tweets don’t really represent Read More

Because academic freedom does not include the freedom to create a poor learning experience

  Dear Faculty Member or Academic (whichever you would prefer), I was delighted to see your response to Joshua Kim’s post on experiences working with Learning Designers which he reports Read More

The two horsemen of the higher education ‘apocalypse’

It was fabulous to attend the Festival of Dangerous Ideas in Melbourne yesterday. I managed to see four of the five speakers and all of them were excellent. Starting with Read More

On leaving academia

I’ve been reading Rebecca Schuman’s piece on Slate, ‘“I Quit Academia,” an Important, Growing Subgenre of American Essays’ and it got me thinking about my own reasons for leaving the Read More

Developing elearning content using modern technologies

As well as providing occasional controversial thoughts about e-learning and educational technology in higher education I try to provide solutions to real world technical challenges in developing and implementing e-learning Read More

It’s the openness, stupid

A couple of days ago I wrote a dreadful piece of drivel that I’ve since removed from this blog (not a step I take lightly but it was just that Read More