A Little Worried About Delicious

I’ve just been reading this post on ReadWriteWeb that suggests there is a deal in the927159536 offing  that will see Yahoo search disappear to be replaced by Bing with Yahoo providing ads against the search results. Now I quite like Bing, I find it very quick, the results are good and I like the interface. It hasn’t dislodged Google for me mainly because Google search is embedded in all of my browsers. Ironic eh?

bing_logo_may09I guess what worries me most about this is the future plans for Delicious. These are unclear and this is more than a little worrying because Delicious has become such a fundamental part of my life over the last few years. It is my repository for useful resources that is easily categorised and tagged and it is where I find out what my peers are bookmarking and what is popular on the web right now. I guess most importantly it is where I share the resources I find. All of my Delicious bookmarks are public and I use RSS feeds of different categories of bookmark on my blog. In short Delicious is far more important to me than Twitter or Facebook or LinkedIn in terms of daily use.

Let’s hope Delicious stays in development and stays in service because to lose it would be a significant blow for me and, I suspect, many others.

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