Effective Practice with e-Portfolios

Thanks to @catspyjamasnz who gave me a link today to this useful report from the UK’s Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC) on effective practice with e-Portfolios (this is a PDF document approx. 700MB). I haven’t finished reading yet but I find it interesting particularly in light of a session that I attended last week with academic staff from my institution who were sharing experiences of implementing e-Portfolios in their teaching and learning.

I am working on a longer post on the use of e-Portfolios but I’ll just make the observation that there appeared to be quite a bit of overlap in the way academics are asking students to use their e-Portfolio with some of the functionality that is offered by a learning management system (LMS). In particular some activities designed to develop reflective practice could (should?) be carried out out in an LMS.

Hopefully I’ll organise my thoughts on e-Portfolios a bit more soon and post something a bit longer and more coherent. One thing thing I am seeing is that the Personal Learning Space will be key in the future and a fundamental part of that will be e-Portfolio functionality. One question I do have is where those spaces should sit. At the moment I am not sure that they should be managed by higher education institutions but more on that soon.

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  1. If you like the JISC publication, then take a look at the online infoKit
    They were developed in parallel. We are updating the infoKit this Autumn as there a few relevant JISC projects that have completed since we launched the infoKit, as well as some interesting developments outside of JISC that have been reported for example at the recent EIfEL conference.


  2. Thanks Jacquie. That’s a really useful link.


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