Learning Management Systems at Australian Universities

During April, 2009 I carried out an informal bit of research to see what Australian universities were using as their principal, enterprise wide Learning Management System (LMS). This was simply based on visiting each university web site and attempting to find out which LMS was being used. This was easier in some cases than others. Some universities have branded their LMS and it was occasionally difficult to identify which LMS and/or which version they were using. Of course some web sites may be out of date.

The table below indicates, to the best of my knowledge, what LMS is being used where. I’m very happy to be corrected and I will update the table accordingly.

It should be noted that a number of Australian universities are currently reviewing their Learning Management Systems. It will be interesting to do this exercise in another year.

University LMS
Australian Catholic University BlackBoard (Version not known)
Australian National University WebCT CE 4.1
About to announce new Moodle as new LMS
Bond University BlackBoard V7.3
Central Queensland University BlackBoard V6.3.1

About to move to Moodle

Charles Darwin University BlackBoard (Version not known)
Charles Sturt University Sakai
Curtin University of Technology BlackBoard (Version not known)
Deakin University BlackBoard Vista 4
Edith Cowan University BlackBoard (Version not known)
Flinders University WebCT Vista (Version not known))
Griffith University BlackBoard 8
Updated 10/07/09 – via @JodieChrist
James Cook University BlackBoard (Version not known)
La Trobe University BlackBoard / WebCT CE6
Macquarie University Learning Activity Management System (LAMS) – developed in house.
Monash University BlackBoard Vista 4
Murdoch University WebCT (Version not known)
Queensland University of Technology BlackBoard (Version not known)
RMIT University BlackBoard 7.2 – Australia

BlackBoard 8 – Vietnam

Southern Cross University BlackBoard (Version not known)
Swinburne University of Technology BlackBoard (6.3) – Higher Ed

BlackBoard Learning System 8.0.2 – TAFE

Updated 10/07/09 thanks to @BirdyOz

University of Adelaide BlackBoard 8.0
University of Ballarat BlackBoard CE 6
University of Canberra Moodle
University of Melbourne BlackBoard V8
University of New England BlackBoard CE 6
University of New South Wales Web CT Campus edition (CE)
University of Newcastle BlackBoard 8
University of Notre Dame Australia – The BlackBoard 8
University of Queensland BlackBoard 8
University of South Australia UniSAnet (in house)
University of Southern Queensland Moodle (Version not known)
University of Sydney WebCT CE6
University of Tasmania WebCT/BlackBoard Vista
University of Technology Sydney BlackBoard V8
University of the Sunshine Coast BlackBoard (Version not known)
University of Western Australia WebCT 6
University of Western Sydney BlackBoard (Version not known)
University of Wollongong WebCT Vista 4.1
Victoria University BlackBoard /WebCT CE 6

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  3. Hi Mark. Have you been able to go back and repeat this “survey” to see what has changed since last year?



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  5. Deakin University now uses Desire2Learn version10


  6. Blackboard and WebCT are being deprecated and Moodle is now the strategic learning management system at:
    Latrobe (2011)
    UNE (2013)
    University of Ballarat (2010)
    University of Canberra
    UNSW (2013)
    University of Wollongong (2013)

    Macquarie University still supports LAMS but made Moodle its strategic platform in 2011.
    University of Tasmania migrated from Blackboard to Desire2Learn in 2012.


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