Educational Technology and e-Learning Finds for the Week

These are a selection of my Delicious bookmarks for the week that I’ve tagged as either elearning or educational technology.

eFolio in the UK

A really useful blog site devoted to, as it’s name suggests, e-portfolios in the UK. There are some really useful insights into the uses of e-portfolios across not just higher education but school and industry as well. Despite its name it does take a world view and there are many posts that give an overview of what is happening in various parts of the world.

45 Free Online Computer Science Courses | ProgrammerFish – Everything that’s programmed!

A great resource of free computer science courses including some great examples from the Standford Engineering Everywhere initiative. Now I have no formal IT qualifications despite working as a software developer, IT manager and educational technologist. It would be really nice to have some formal qualifications but I’m not going to spend five or six years doing a part time degree course to get qualified in something that I have already shown I can do. My question is… why can’t I study these courses at my own pace and then submit evidence of my capability to be assessed by Stanford (or another organisation) as being of a good enough level to be awarded a degree? I would be prepared to pay a fee for the assessment. I wouldn’t expect that fee to be as high as for a traditional face to face taught course. I might expect the fee from Stanford to be higher than the fee from my local technical college though. Of course all of this goes back to my thoughts on open educational resources and the future of higher education.

Learning with ‘e’s

Really interesting post from Steve Wheeler comparing the VLE/PLE ‘battle’ with the battle of Agincourt. The out numbered ‘Edupunks’ being the plucky English longbowmen with the corporate LMS being the doomed French cavalry. Pulls no punches and attracted great debate. I particularly liked the image of the two fingered salute from the movie Kes which I and read, saw as a youngster, not to say lived a little as I grew up in West Yorkshire.

It turned out to be a to be quite a week for Edupunks as the FastCompany did a piece on the changes in US Higher Education…

How Web-Savvy Edupunks Are Transforming American Higher Education

Informative article on the changes in US Higher Education. It’s not quite as radical as I would have liked but it certainly left me with lots of thoughts. I had intended to write a post about the article but the week has been long and hectic and time as slipped away from me. Especially because the OpenEd09 conference was being held this week…


I watched Jim Groom talk about using WordPress Multi User at Mary Washington University which was inspiring. I have yet to watch the other presentations – I am looking forward to hearing Jon Mott and Leigh Blackall speak amongst many others.

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