Why my Personal Learning Network is Important to Me

Personal learning networks and personal learning environments are featuring highly as topics of discussion in e-learning and educational technology at the moment. I thought I would take the step into public self broadcasting and record a short video about why my PLN is important to me and some of the tools that I used to both create it and manage it. I hope you find it useful. Read more

Public LMS Evaluations

Many universities are currently, or have recently, reviewed their enterprise LMS including my own employer. Unfortunately we haven’t made our review process public but many universities have been generous enough to provide information about their reviews. The following list are some of the publicly available LMS reviews that I have found. These were really useful in developing and informing our own review and I hope that by bringing them together in one place it will be useful for others. Read more

Delicate Geniuses

I was having a look at the Times Higher Education site the other day when a post entitled “Students get marks just for turning up” caught my eye. The post describes how some universities have been accused of bribing undergraduates by awarding assessment marks simply for turning up. Read more


I have just finished read a really interesting post by @mollybob on the growth model for personal learning environments (PLE).  This coincided with reading @catspyjamasnz post on the relationship between a PLE and a PLN (personal learning network). It’s a subject that’s close to my heart at the moment as we consider the implications of implementing an institutional ePortfolio that, in the trial phases, seems to be seen as a PLE for students at least as much as a portfolio tool. In fact there seems to be quite a bit of fuzzy thinking (not least by me) about the roles and relationships between these different concepts not to mention how the VLE fits in with all of this (though this video by @jonmott looks at that relationship). To try and help me clarify my thoughts I have developed the following diagram. Read more

22 Big Lists for Educators

A bit tongue in cheek this post but here is a list of big lists that might be useful for people interested in education, educational technology and e-learning. A fully expect that soon we will be having lists of lists of lists but there you go. These are some of the big lists I’ve bookmarked on www.delicious.com during 2009. Read more