22 Big Lists for Educators

A bit tongue in cheek this post but here is a list of big lists that might be useful for people interested in education, educational technology and e-learning. A fully expect that soon we will be having lists of lists of lists but there you go. These are some of the big lists I’ve bookmarked on www.delicious.com during 2009.

100 Essential Web 2.0 Tools for Teachers

50+ Useful Firefox Extensions for College Students

50 Ways to Use Wikis for a More Collaborative and Interactive Classroom

UK Universities on YouTube

20 Free Web Apps to Use in the Classroom

25 Twitter Projects for the College Classroom

101 Lectures for Your Open Source Education

100 Serious Twitter Tips for Academics

Seven e-Learning and Teaching Resources

50 Tools and Tricks to Revolutionize Your Notetaking

25 Incredible TED Talks for Educators

The 19 Best Elearning Blogs

10 Powerpoint Tips for Preparing a Professional Presentation

50 Terrific Open Courseware Classes for Innovative Educators

How to Create Your Own Online Course: 100 Tools, Guides, and Resources

100 Free Online Lectures that Will Make You a Better Teacher

Top 100 eLearning Items

100 Tips, Apps, and Resources for Teachers on Twitter

100 Exciting and Innovative Lectures for Every Kind of Entrepreneur

Educational Blogs You Should Be Investigating

50 Ideas on Using Twitter for Education

World Universities’ ranking on the Web

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