Google Wave in a Sentence

wavelogoWell it’s been a week since I was kindly sent an invitation to Google Wave. I have to admit that at first I was a little underwhelmed but since then, as I have started to add contacts, I I have started to see it’s potential. Before I talk a bit about it’s positives I would like to try and answer what I think it actually is in one sentence.

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Comparing the Horizon Report 2009 and Horizon Report 2009 for Australia and New Zealand

The EDUCAUSE Horizon Report for Australia and New Zealand 2009 was published recently. I thought I would just compare the findings for Australia and New Zealand with those for the US Horizon Report 2009 published earlier this year. Read more

Insidious Pedagogy – some thoughts on Lisa Lane’s article

I have just read Lisa Lane’s article in First Monday entitled “Insidious pedagogy: How course management systems impact teaching”. I really liked her paper, not least because it raised some issues that I hadn’t considered before regarding default settings in an LMS and the idea of opt in and opt out learning management systems. It also described the way many academics use (or don’t use) the web in their work or play and how this effects their ability to use some of the more ‘advanced’ features of an LMS that go beyond an instructivist model of delivery. Perhaps most importantly of all it discusses the importance of emphasising pedagogy before ‘features and tools’ when working with web novices.

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