Say Hello to the Newest TLA on the Block – LMP

image I noticed a reference to Moodle LMP in my Twitter stream tonight and, wondering what an LMP actually was, I ended up at this post by Mary Bold talking about upcoming conferences.

Well it turns out that LMP means Learning Management Platform and, as Mary herself points out:

LMP has some nice connotations, among them the concept of one platform among many to be employed in distance learning

So we have a new TLA to add to the LMS, the VLE and the CMS – I’m sure you all know what those three letter acronyms mean in this context. As is always the way, once you have noticed something like that you start to see it elsewhere and it wasn’t long before LMP popped up again in my Twitter stream. Intrigued, I checked Google Trends to see whether this term had been in common use for a while. It didn’t show up in Google Trends. The earliest reference was in some articles indexed in Google Scholar going back to 2004. These appear to have have used synonymously for the VLE/LMS.

So I’m left wondering whether we are starting to see the use of a new term. If so, where has it come from? Is it vendor spin designed to describe a more open piece of software with which to ‘manage learning’? Or is it a recognition that the VLE/LMS may be used as a platform for other software tools for learning?

Maybe it’s a rebranding for the VLE/LMS as those terms have become associated with increasing number of posts in the Twittersphere/blogosphere that question the validity of the use of these pieces of software.

Of course, it doesn’t really matter and I’ve spent too much time pondering it already. What matters much more is how these software applications are or are not used.

Incidentally, I was reading the, just published, Educause Core Data Service Report for 2008 which contains a huge amount of very interesting information but one thing I picked out was that only 37% of the responding universities used a CMS (the term used in the survey) for all (or nearly all) of their courses. So ten years on the CMS/VLE/LMS/LMP is still not ubiquitous.

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  1. My first experience of something that could be classed as LMP, was Blackboard’s spiel about their new LMS. It is/was destined to be the platform.

    My take on it was that the recognition that they could no longer sensibly provide all the tools required for e-learning. That they couldn’t compete with freely available tools from the web/cloud.

    So to stay relevant the position themselves as the glue for the institution to use to integrate all those external services.

    Going by this comment by Martin Dougiamas ( it appears Moodle is being positioned that way.


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