Social and cultural aspects of the Internet (PhD scholarships, Melbourne)

This is the content of an email that has been distributed about PhD Scholarships at RMIT University. For more information you can contact

Professor Supriya Singh at RMIT University.

Here is the email:

Hello smart tech people,

The people that I work with at RMIT Business have a couple of PhD scholarships going at the moment. I’m hoping that you, or someone in your network, might be interested in taking them up. We will be offering both full time scholarships and top-up  scholarships for an Australian Postgraduate Award. The full scholarship is worth $25,000 a year tax free plus $5,000 a year in support funds. They run for four years, maximum. We prefer full time study, but we would consider part-time study if the candidate is exceptional.


+  if You Are Media,

+  if you dicker with Flickr,

+  blitter Twitter,

+  spend your day on eBay,

+  if MySpace is your space,

+  if your reality is augmented,

+  if you like privacy,

+  have an open mind about closed copyright,

+  if Youtube,

or if you know someone who does, then we might have a scholarship for  you.

You will need an undergraduate degree with Honours, preferably at a  distinction or first class level, or a Masters.  People who have  publications and experience would be more highly ranked.

You’ll also need to be an Australian citizen, a permanent resident or  have a student visa for 2010.

You will be working with a nice team. Our recent projects have looked  at a range of things: online banking and remittances, off-shore  privacy agreements, why people buy stuff online (or don’t), new  intermediaries, Web accessibility in Australia, and mortgage fraud. A  bunch of stuff, united by two themes: where is the user and what is  the law? Answering these questions often helps us understand what is  actually going on in an online transaction.

Obligatory warning: PhDs are hazardous undertakings. They often prove  bad for your health and your well being. They generally don’t help  yourbank balance. You’ll need passion.  Be careful.

Here is the official information:


RMIT Smart Services Cooperative Research Centre offers PhD Scholarships

We are seeking Expressions of Interest for fully and partially-funded  PhD Scholarships being offered by the Smart Services Cooperative  Research Centre. The full scholarship is worth $25,000 a year plus  $5,000 a year in support funds. These scholarships will be open to  Australian residents and International students commencing in 2010.

The Smart Services CRC is a partnership between major industry and  state government partners and six Australian universities, funded  under the Australian Government’s Cooperative Research Centre program.  The RMIT Smart Services CRC is an interdisciplinary group that  undertakes research into the use of smart technologies within the  social and cultural context. It emphasizes  the importance of putting  the user at the centre of its research, with a particular emphasis on  privacy, security, trust and accessibility. Interested persons should  have a background in Anthropology, Economics, Law, Psychology,  Sociology or Media Studies.  Experience in inter-disciplinary research  in a team environment will be highly valued.

The PhD students will be based in the School of Accounting and Law.

Expressions of interest and CVs should be sent to Professor Supriya  Singh by 16th November 2009. Please e-mail:

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