Assessment Manager Part 1 – Overview

In 2004 I wrote a web application for managing student assessments. It was primarily designed for handling the submission of assessments from large cohorts of students. It manages the assessment lifecycle including creating assignments, managing marking schemes, handling submissions, distributing groups of assignments to assessors, facilitating easier online marking, enhancing rapid feedback and the moderation of assignments.

This video provides an overview of the application. I will record some additional videos showing the way that the marking schemes are managed, how moderation is handled and the way that students interact with the system.

The application is probably 90% of the way to being fully functional and ‘complete’. Having said that, it was written in 2004 and there are many new techniques that can be used to make the application better from both a front and back end design point of view. Also times have moved on and attitudes to the storage location of assessment artefacts are being reconsidered. For example, assessment artefacts may, potentially, be submitted and stored by students to any location on the web.

I haven’t really decided what to do with Assessment Manager. I’m not sure whether it is worth developing a new version. I am considering making the application available as an open source project but it’s nearly 6 years old and who wants to work with 6 year old code.
I just thought I would put it up here in case it is of interest to anyone. Please contact me if it is.

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