A Silly Game?

Robert Scoble's Hashtag SignYesterday lunch time the hastag meme #lesserbooks started flowing into my Twitter stream. The aim of this game was to think of a book title that was a lesser version of a famous original. For example ‘The Great Gatsby’ might be posted as ‘The Modest Gatsby’, you get the picture. Similar memes go around from time to time and I often like playing them but I really enjoyed this one, probably because it came along in my lunch break after a pretty hard week dealing with some of core and intractable problems of universities.


I managed to contribute quite a few entries and the people playing the game grew and grew until my Twitter stream was inundated. Not only that though, you could hear laughs from my co-workers who were following the #lesserbooks hashtag in their own Twitter streams and my manager started to contribute entries of his own.

What really struck me was that, out of the blue, thousands of people all over the world were playing this game and laughing at each others entries. Towards the end my manager came round and observed that with all the billions of dollars of infrastructure put into the internet and what do we do with it; play word games. He wasn’t being churlish though because I know he enjoyed it as much as I did.

We both realised that in the process of this simple twenty minute activity thousands of people from around the world had come together and had a bit of fun and that having a bit of fun is very, very important.

I was quite pleased with some of my contributions and whilst I know they will be archived somewhere I though I would add them here and hope that they give someone a smile who might happen to read this post.

  • The Puppy of the Baskervilles
  • The Red Badge of Slight Daring
  • Wild Ducks
  • Smilla’s Sense of Sleet
  • Death on the Yarra
  • The Shop Assistant of Venice
  • The Barbeque of the Vanities
  • Close to the Gentle Crowd
  • Jude the Well Known
  • White Molar
  • The Perspex Menagerie
  • A Slight Injury on the Orient Express
  • Death of a Call Centre Dude
  • The Pink Pimpernel
  • Girl with a Plastic Earring
  • The Peckish Caterpillar
  • No Expectations At All Really
  • The Time Travellers Girlfriend
  • Naked Breakfast
  • A Portrait of the Artist as a Small Boy
  • Cherubs and Imps
  • The Slightly Impressive Ambersons
  • The Maltese Sparrow
  • Slaughterhouse 4
  • The Color Mauve
  • The Name of the Daisy
  • Captain Corellis’s Ukelele
  • Apple Juice with Rosie
  • Love in the Time of a Slight Head Cold
  • Twenty Minutes in the Life of Ivan Denisovich
  • Fear and Loathing in Geelong
  • The Just About Tolerable Lightness of Being
  • The Old Man and the Pond

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