Response to: ‘Anatomy of a PLE’

The following is a response to a blog post by Steve Wheeler (@timbuckteeth). I tried to post it as a comment but it was too large so here it is instead.

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The PLE as a Single Tool and the Issue of Institutional Lock-in

I had a very enjoyable evening listening/watching the livestream of the opening unkeynote address at The PLE Conference facilitated by @courosa and @grahamattwell. The format was great, particularly for the tight buggers who didn’t pay the conference fees but were attending remotely from all over the world. Basically they presented a series of questions about the PLE on a series of interactive web based white boards that allowed ideas to be posted and, even, some short debates to be engaged in. This was complimented by crowdsourced presentation slides, twitter questions and questions from the audience. I gather that there were some technical problems but I have to say that these were barely noticeable to the remote observer (apart from when the stream stopped for a short time but that was no problem really). Both Alec and Graham carried a very interesting discussion seamlessly. Read more