Who Influences Ya Baby?


Licensed Creative Commons By HBuzacott

With apologies to those who are too young to have watched Kojak.

I’ve been thinking about who influences my thinking and why. I thought it might be quite nice to list them here. Maybe there are some people here that you think might be interesting to follow yourself or maybe there are people that you really think I should others that I should add to my list. If so, please let me know. I’m sure you will see a theme developing in the list so you’ll know what sort of people to suggest.

Before I launch into the list it’s worth making the observation that my influencers change over time and that influences come from many places, not least from family, friends and colleagues. While such influencers might not get a mention in a list like this it doesn’t mean that they are not extremely important in helping me rationalise my own thoughts and opinions.

Looking at my list I can see that:

  1. Most are alive
  2. Most blog and/or tweet
  3. There are a lot of Canadians, Britons and Australasians with a few Americans
  4. There aren’t enough women and I need to do something about that

Forming the list was hard enough without ranking them so here they are in alphabetic order each with a brief reason for their inclusion: Read more