The ideal university

Orange Arches by slight clutter

Licensed CC Orange Arches by slight clutter

In the wake of AC Grayling’s setting up of the New College of the Humanities the Guardian newspaper has asked for submissions from readers for their vision of the ideal university in under 250 words. Of course I cant’ resist having a go so here is the entry that I’m about to submit to the Guardian. It wasn’t particularly easy, especially if you start to think about Clark Kerr’s multiversity and Newman’s idea of the university, but I think I’ve captured the things that are important to me. I’d love to here your visions too.

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The Cloud as a disruptor of educational technologies

King Cloud - licensed CC by Akakumo

The number of higher education institutions (HEIs) moving their student email (and, in many cases, staff email) to a cloud solution continues to grow. Every other day there is a new report one one HEI or other adopting either Google or Microsoft. Intrinsically I am not against this although I do find it interesting how little debate there is about integrating so completely with such overtly commercial companies. By the way, let’s not kid ourselves that that Google are any less of a ruthless corporate entity than Microsoft or Apple or Oracle or any large IT company.

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