Why I don’t like institutional e-portfolios

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There was a reasonable amount of discussion at the #pleconf last week on the role of e-portfolios in personal learning environments and who should be responsible for providing e-portfolio tools for students. I think the ground swell view was that e-portfolios are important but that students should be able to choose how they create their own e-portfolio. This is a view I agree with and is a slight softening of my previously held view which was that universities had no business in providing e-portfolio software. My view now is that universities probably should provide e-portfolio software for their students to use but that the use of that software should absolutely not be mandated and it should be up to the student to choose how they manage their e-portfolio.

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Reflections on the PLE Conference 2012

This was the first year that I had attended a PLE Conference in person having been an active remote participant in 2010 when the conference was held in Barcelona and a slightly less active remote participant in 2011 when the conference was held in Southampton.

This year the conference was held jointly in Aveiro, Portugal and Melbourne, Australia. I attended the Melbourne venue and the highlight for me was seeing the two keynote speakers; Alec Couros (@courosa) and Inger Mewburn (@thesiswhisperer). Having said that, they were ably supported by a range of interesting presentations.

Both Alec and Inger took us on personal narratives relating their beginnings in personal learning environments and of their experiences and practices. Alec wrapped this around the question of  “Why networks matter in teaching & learning”. He had crowd sourced a number of responses to this question and included these in his presentation. You can see Alec’s slide show below:


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Why do (social) networks matter in teaching & learning?

Alec Couros is keynoting (or unkeynoting) at the Melbourne leg of the Personal Learning Environments conference (pleconf) being held next week. He’s asked for help in crowdsourcing his keynote by asking us why networks matter in teaching and learning?

I’m going to ignore the ‘teaching’ word and just concentrate on the ‘learning’ word because that is far more important and far more enabled by the network. I’m sure there are many reasons but this a short post so I’ll limit it to three:

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