Network technology, disruptive innovation and the future of higher education

Network technology, disruptive innovation and the future from Mark Smithers
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A different view of MOOCs

This morning Richard Grusin posted a series of twenty tweets presenting a highly critical and thought provoking view of MOOCs. These are valuable so I’ve presented them here in this post.

What do you think of Grusin’s ideas?

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The penny drops with open badges

I’ve been familiar with the basic concepts around the use of open badges for a while now but I have to admit that they hadn’t really grabbed my attention front and centre until, that is, I got my first badge almost by accident yesterday. Let’s just say it was an aha moment.

I like to build things and I like to code. One of the tools I use is Jquery which is a powerful Javascript framework for building rich functionality into web pages. I’ve been using it for a while. I normally like to learn things myself and then go back and do some training if I feel I need it. It was with this in mind that I tried the free Try Jquery course run by

Now, as an aside, let me say that this course was one of the best pieces of online learning that I have ever undertaken. The use of video explanations coupled with interactive exercises is extremely well done. The explanations are perfectly pitched. The technology used is powerful but seamless. In short, I loved it and I learnt a lot that will improve the way I code. Read more