Network technology, disruptive innovation and the future of higher education

Network technology, disruptive innovation and the future from Mark Smithers
This is the invited presentation that I gave at the launch of the SAFFIRE project at the University of Canberra on Monday 18 March, 2013. I was asked by @JonPowles to be provocative and I think I was suitably so. The focus for me was on how disruptive innovations are/will effect higher education. I considered issues around MOOCs and then other disruptors which may, in fact, have more impact such as OER, open badges and social professional reputation. I concluded with some thoughts on possible future and the possible courses of action that higher education providers can take.
When I get some time I hope to add audio to this slideshare ┬ábut it may be a little while as I’m about to go overseas for three weeks.

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  1. Thanks Mark! Quite provocative and appreciate you sharing your thoughts. If understanding we are being disrupted can be considered Phase 1 (which is often quite difficult process in itself), I wonder what is the next step? Are there examples of sectors where players have been able to adapt to disruption that higher ed can learn from? I am really interested to start thinking through the disruption to whats next, what needs to change and how can we do it…. well you’ve lit a fire.


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