On leaving academia

Lecture theatre in decay.

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I’ve been reading Rebecca Schuman’s piece on Slate, ‘“I Quit Academia,” an Important, Growing Subgenre of American Essays’ and it got me thinking about my own reasons for leaving the academy in 1999 and also my gradually decaying anger with higher education before and since leaving. Incidentally, I think my anger seems to have a half life of about seven years but that ‘s only because I have continued to work in the higher education sector for almost all of the fourteen years since I stopped being an ‘academic’. If I’d left the sector completely maybe I would have felt better sooner.

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Developing elearning content using modern technologies

As well as providing occasional controversial thoughts about e-learning and educational technology in higher education I try to provide solutions to real world technical challenges in developing and implementing e-learning and educational technologies. One thing I’m interested in is how we can use modern web technologies to create a better experience for learner. I’ve done quite a bit of work on using HTML5 and the Bootstrap  and JQuery frameworks to help learning designers create more engaging content with the minimum of code required.

Of course I believe in openness and sharing so over at Red Dog Learning I have created a set of video tutorials on how to create engaging learning content using Bootstrap. Below is the introduction video. Go to Red Dog Learning for the rest or you can go straight the Red Dog Learning YouTube channel and launch the playlist for the video series.

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