MOOCs – Magnificent, Monsters or Malediction

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Thanks to Kate Bowles (@KateMfD) for sending me a link to an open Coursesites web site (free registration) that has been created for the MOOC discussion at the forthcoming Universities Australia 2014 conference. Anyone can register and comment in the discussion area and I would encourage those that are interested to do so.

There are six questions in the discussion area; these are:

  • What have been the most significant impacts of MOOCs?
  • What have we learned about teaching and learning from the experience with MOOCs?
  • What impacts do you think MOOCs will have on university business models and who do you think will be most affected?
  • What do you think higher education will look like in 20 years’ time?
  • What questions should we be asking ourselves now about change in higher education?
  • What are the three best articles you have read on MOOCs?

If you don’t want to register on Coursesites and see the discussion there you can always have a look at my random thoughts. They are below:

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