Presenting on next generation digital learning environments

In October I will be giving a short presentation on the work we’ve been doing on next generation digital learning environments at the RMIT University Learning and Teaching Conference. If you are a staff or student at RMIT University then you can register for free here.

For everyone else I will be making a recording of my presentation available online shortly afterwards.

As part of the conference preparation we were asked to put together a short video introduction that gives people an idea of what will be covered. Here is mine. Hope you like it.

2 Comments On “Presenting on next generation digital learning environments”

  1. Lovely to see the idea of Digital Habitats still alive and well! Waving from across the world… looks like you will be giving a great presentation.


    • Hi Nancy,

      Great to see your comment. I’ve been hugely inspired by your work. I refer to the Digital Habitats book every day at the moment. We’re getting a lot of interest in helping to develop digital habitats for domains across institutions. We’re particularly looking at them forming a key component of a digital strategy for Masters level Programs at the university I’m working with right now. It’s testament to your vision that your book is more relevant now than ever and the opportunities never greater.




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