Designing a next generation digital learning environment

This video was first posted on the DLDSC blog
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UX Design

How should traditional universities deliver wholly online learning?

I’ve worked with several traditional higher education institutions over the last few years that have been in the process of building a capability for wholly online course delivery. I think it’s worth exploring the ways in which this can be accomplished and some of the pitfalls that I’ve observed. Read more

Apple II

We need to rethink university IT Services

As is often the case I’ve been spurred into action by a post from Martin Weller about IT services in universities. Specifically Martin describes these complaints about IT Services: Read more

Students studying

Udemy thinks they’ve “cracked online education” they haven’t. But…

Last week, on the Time web site, Udemy CO Dennis Yang claims to have “cracked online education”. They haven’t of course and this is exactly the sort of glib claim guaranteed to to annoy those that have thought deepest and longest about the ways in which technology can be used in education. There is a ‘but’ though. Whilst Udemy’s claim is overstated they are, in fact, onto something and that something is that Read more

Girls under trees

Because universities are more than just girls under trees

I’ve started working with a university again. This week the team I’m working with were introduced to the university’s new Head of Digital and CX. This is quite a new position for the university  and a key part of the role is to help provide the framework for a digital strategy for the university. It was great to be able to hear the current thinking behind the strategy and to have the opportunity to provide some input. Read more

The penny drops with open badges

I’ve been familiar with the basic concepts around the use of open badges for a while now but I have to admit that they hadn’t really grabbed my attention front and centre until, that is, I got my first badge almost by accident yesterday. Let’s just say it was an aha moment.

I like to build things and I like to code. One of the tools I use is Jquery which is a powerful Javascript framework for building rich functionality into web pages. I’ve been using it for a while. I normally like to learn things myself and then go back and do some training if I feel I need it. It was with this in mind that I tried the free Try Jquery course run by

Now, as an aside, let me say that this course was one of the best pieces of online learning that I have ever undertaken. The use of video explanations coupled with interactive exercises is extremely well done. The explanations are perfectly pitched. The technology used is powerful but seamless. In short, I loved it and I learnt a lot that will improve the way I code. Read more

A Strategy for Migrating Existing Course Content to Online Delivery

Over the last two years, whilst working at La Trobe University’s Division of Nursing and Midwifery, we developed a strategy that would enable academic staff to leverage their existing lecture materials in such a way as to allow them to move into flexible, online delivery relatively easily. I have called it a strategy; it is actually such a simple approach that it barely deserves the term strategy.

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