Public LMS Evaluations

Many universities are currently, or have recently, reviewed their enterprise LMS including my own employer. Unfortunately we haven’t made our review process public but many universities have been generous enough to provide information about their reviews. The following list are some of the publicly available LMS reviews that I have found. These were really useful in developing and informing our own review and I hope that by bringing them together in one place it will be useful for others. Continue reading “Public LMS Evaluations”

Learning Management Systems at Australian Universities

During April, 2009 I carried out an informal bit of research to see what Australian universities were using as their principal, enterprise wide Learning Management System (LMS). This was simply based on visiting each university web site and attempting to find out which LMS was being used. This was easier in some cases than others. Some universities have branded their LMS and it was occasionally difficult to identify which LMS and/or which version they were using. Of course some web sites may be out of date.

The table below indicates, to the best of my knowledge, what LMS is being used where. I’m very happy to be corrected and I will update the table accordingly.
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