Technology has created a new phase for higher education over the past few years as more and more educational institutions adopted emerging technology into their curriculums and systems.

1) Redrawing the boundaries of space and time.

One of the most critical achievements of educational technology is the fact that it has managed to make education accessible to people all over the world irrespective of time zones and hemispheres. It has helped millions of people who can’t physically go to schools get an education. Be it after work, or waiting at a station, in your room, learning can come to you. Single moms, struggling workers, and every other person can get an education because of educational technology. You can study for a however long or short amount of time per day as per your schedule. No matter what corner of the world you are at or whatever time the clock shows, you can get your education anytime, anywhere.

2) Effective teaching and learning

Incorporating technology into the educational systems have been found to have multiple benefits on both learning and teaching. For example, there are many ways to teach students with the pedagogy tools provided by technology like videos, powerpoint presentations, and so on. These tools, in turn, enhance the learning experience of students in both traditional classrooms as well as online classes. The multiple ways to impart knowledge will help students to retain information better. Technology has also provided means for the students to access their course material anytime!

3) Collaborative and individualized learning

Technology can give collaborative learning to students through peer-based education, group activities, and interactive chat rooms. This will lessen the burden on the teachers by reducing the amount of information that they are expected to teach. When teachers have lighter workloads, it will help them devise strategies to help individual students based on their competence and performance. This can help them meet their personal and career goals.



4) Better quality with lower costs

Another significant contribution made by the educational technology that is currently available is the fact that education becomes affordable. The one-time investments made on technology will provide cost-effective education in the future. It will also improve the quality of education that will now be accessible to a broader audience of students.

5) Innovation

Educational technology has made learning an innovative process through the use of stimulations, game-based activities, hands-on experiences, and so on. It helps students develop their interests very early on in life and to improve upon them. With such innovative techniques, technology inspires students to be creative themselves. Solution-focused learning helps them to understand the world better and to apply their skills effectively.